It’s finally Friday! My second week in the salon is almost over. I have to say it was less than exciting… 

Each day was more of the same. I stayed to my original plan and came in everyday, even if I had no appointments in my book. That gave me the opportunity to chat up some clients who were there getting their hair done. I was able to find out how they like their nails and where around my town they usually go. Not being busy allowed me to really spend time talking to some of them, letting them get to know me and what I do. Of course I handed out a business card every chance I got. My fabulous mom has also been putting in the work for me as well. She is an amazing woman and has helped and supported me every step of this journey. I am so thankful for her! That being said, I hope to start seeing the results of all the foot work this week. I am also having my boyfriend design an ad that will go in our local newspaper next week. This will be huge for me to get my name out to a bigger audience in the community. Slowly but surely my empire will grow, I completely believe that!

No matter how slow or discouraging it can be starting out in your new business venture, you have to carry on. Push through. Keep that positive view on everything you see and do! Do NOT give up or slow down. I truly believe you are the only one who can create your life so why would you cheat yourself?? Good things are going to happen! :)



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