Positive Thinking..

Week 2 at the salon has officially begun. I’ve always been told starting out in this business whether it’s doing nails, hair, or any other beauty service business, it’s going to be a slow start. I definitely knew I wouldn’t have clients lined up out the door my first month. That being said, looking at my appointment book and seeing too many blank spaces could get discouraging..

You’re sitting there with an empty chair just waiting for a walk in or last minute appointment to be made..so what do you do?

I have chosen to keep a positive view always. Even when I don’t necessarily believe myself at first, I stay persistent. Even if this means spending an entire Tuesday at the salon honing my skills. I have filled any down time with re-doing nail art to make my designs even better. I’ve also been experimenting with mixing custom glitter into acrylics! These are things that will benefit me greatly in the future. I’ve made sure to pass out my business cards whenever I can, promote my Facebook page, put ads in the local services Facebook page, and run a special online to get the flow started. Stay persistent!

So to update, yes this week is slower than I prefer but that gives me ample time to keep learning and become better and better! Put positive vibes out there and good things will come back, always. So lunch is over and it’s time to head back to the salon and do what I love by making the best of another day!❤️



3 thoughts on “Positive Thinking..

  1. Amy, I just saw this post and had to follow.
    I learned hair stylist about 10 years ago and I know what you mean. I did not have my own salon of course but I had the same situation. Waiting for customers to show up.
    Just wanted to let you know that I like your thinking of staying positive. Use the “free time” to do something creative.
    Decorate the window of the salon, make a poster/stand up display.
    People like that and they love seeing someone being creative instead of sitting around waiting for customers.
    I for example tried new hairstyles on my practice doll head :P
    Anyway, stay positive and creative.

    love, Mara


    1. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! It really does mean a lot coming from someone whose been through it! I’ll definitely be bringing out my practice hand as well lol! I’m positive everything will pick up soon! :)


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